Award winning

Sheridan Hotel Ghana

We have over the years served different kinds of dishes to our numerous clients and they have always loved what we gave them. We have a large menu for you to choose from.

Great dishes

Something for everyone

No matter what your taste and preference is. We have something just for you. If you are lover of local dishes or continental dishes, we are here to make you feel the taste of our food

Gourmand favourite

Pork chops and salad

Are you a meat lover? We have what will satisfy you. Pork and Salad are available for your satisfaction and relaxation. Please book our room to enjoy our meat cuisines

Sea food

Prawns and Fish

Fresh from the sea is how we call our freshly caught fishes from the sea for cuisine. We have different varieties of sea food on our menu. We will be glad to host you

Only greens

Vegan friendly

You are not left out if you are not a lover of meat and fish. We have a variety of green for all our Vegetarians. Come and enjoy our variety of green


Local Dishes

In addition to all the continental dishes, we also have on the menu local dishes for you. Be our guest